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Writing has come a really long way from just paperback books and newspapers. Nowadays, having skills in this area can be really helpful since most of the time, great writers are needed to make really good content to attract the millions of potential customers that use the internet all around the world every day. There are many different forms on English writing online jobs but probably the most common and in-demand is article writing. If you can write good, interesting 350 to 600 word articles – with flawless and perfect grammar – then being an article writer is probably the ideal job for you.

There are just a few things that you might need to remember if you want to take on an article writing job. First, is the cardinal rule of all writers – avoid Plagiarism. It’s so tempting to copy and paste someone else’s work when you feel like you’ve squeezed out every possible idea in your mind. But for the sake of your credibility, resist the urge to copy someone else’s work.

Do some research so you can figure out what you can write that will really captivate your audience. There is no use writing extremely long articles and optimizing them if no one is even going to bother to read them. If you do proper research, you can find out exactly what can tickle their fancy and that would invite them to really read your article and even support the product or service you may be offering.

Equip your articles with keywords that people always use to look for what they need. This is otherwise also known as Search Engine Optimization. If your articles are properly optimized with effective keywords, it will help your website or your articles to appear near the top of the search engine lists, thus increasing your chances of getting traffic.

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In addition, don’t rely too much on automated article writing engines. It’s a fact that they save a lot of time and effort, but what they can make in speed they can lack in sense and quality. A manually written article is still miles different from one made by an engine. A real writer can touch the real emotions of his readers while article writing engines are basically more concerned about word count.

Having said that, it’s also important for you to know that Google doesn’t necessarily rely on word count and keyword optimization alone now. Google actually looks for and approves only content with genuine sense. If your article looks more like a spam of optimized keywords, there is no way that Google is allowing it in their lists.

Article marketing is an in-demand skill needed by almost every organization in existence. Believe it or not, this job is very difficult to find. There may be tons of apparent openings for article writers but you need to remember that not all of them are real. We can help you out. The English writer section here at Online Job Site is growing rapidly – and more and more employers are coming on board, looking specifically for English writers that are up to the challenge.

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