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 We all have heard or read about the awesome opportunity being enjoyed by many Filipinos who are now working from home in a legitimate online job.

While some Filipinos  still do not believe that being home based and working online is not possible, there are already countless Pinoys today who will prove to you that they are indeed working right from their own home office for international clients, some are freelancers and some are employed full-time.

This blog is for those who are still having a hard time understanding how it works and would like to apply in an online job.

Filipinos are known for being conservative.

The typical Filipino family would be a father working and the mother staying home and taking care of the kids.

Today, that is just not the case. Both husband and wife need to find a job or start a part time business to help support their children. With the economic situation in the Philippines today, the traditional family set up cannot always be followed all the time.

Today, moms need to find ways to add to the family income. In our area, I see some industrious house wives do some “delihensia” by cooking homemade desserts and taking orders from the neighbors.

Mabuhay Online Job Seekers! What’s up yo? 

Its been an another exciting month for OJS Philippines, lots of things brewing and we are really excited because we have been partnering with many enthusiastic employers are just itching to provide jobs to talented and skilled Filipinos who want to work online and earn dollars from home.

In this blog post, we thought it would be cool if we share with you some insights based on some questions we keep getting from our subscribers.

Mabuhay Online Jobs seekers! Welcome again to another informative article here in Online Jobs Philippines.

If you’ve been following us lately, in our last post we shared the story of a character we dubbed as Captain Backwards. It shows how a negative thinking person gave up right before he was about to succeed.

Working from home does have its perks – however, they do have some drawbacks as well. And one of the best ways to become successful in combating these common drawbacks in an online job, believe it or not, has a lot to do with the way we think.

Hey everyone MABUHAY, what’s up?  We can see some new LIKES in our Fanpage and we really just want to say thank you to everyone who liked our Fanpage.

And because of these new LIKES, I thought about writing this article to introduce to you just who we are and how we can help you when it comes to finding work online.