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Job fairs. Almost every other day, we see one being published on the news or the local news paper.

Its goal is simple and straightforward; provide jobs to many unemployed Filipinos, whose numbers (if you haven’t noticed yet) is getting larger every day.

Currently, there are about 11.1 million Filipinos who are unemployed according the latest survey by the SWS (Social Weather Stations) on their March survey.

Hi there online job seekers, thanks for checking out our latest post!

Firsts things first, we would like to thank everyone who attended our last live online job orientation webinar. If you want to check out the reply, you can see it here.

Those who participated had a chance to listen in and understood what an online job is and how they can start working online. We decided to write this post because of the overwhelming reply we had from attendees and from our subscribers who are sincerely interested to have an online job.