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logoOnline jobs may seem like a dream come true – you can work at home and get paid – but they are a reality.

Jordan Nicholas Pizarro, Chief Editor within the OnlineJobSite.ph team, has been working full time online within an online job, working for a UK company, for over 4 years. He runs the team of online Filipino workers, so is well placed to be an expert in this industry.

OnlineJobsite is here to help Philippine people find real jobs to work from home for American, British and Australian companies (plus companies from other English-speaking countries) .

Such jobs can be found for Philippine people so you can work from home or your own office, while working for a company in another country – usually in America, Britain/England or Australia – but there are many other English-speaking places around the world who would love you to show them your skills.

About Online Jobs

The main concern that most Pinoy have is that the job is real and proper and that it is not a short term task – but a real, ongoing proper job. While we work hard to make our system better and better for you to enter your resume and skills list (all completely free to you), we also work very hard to train your potential employer in the best practices and proper ways to hire and employ Philippine people and to understand the viewpoints and customs of the Philippines.

It is completely free to create your own Candidate account and add your Resume/CV – but take note – this is not a simple ‘Resume’ site.  You need to sell your skills to your new employer…

And most employers are not very interested in a Resume – they want the skills-set bullet points – the simple outline of what you can do for them and how.

So make sure you follow through and complete the Skills Survey form in the most true and complete way you can to achieve your job.

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