One Minute Goal Setting & Agreement of Expectations: How Important Are They In An Online Job?

One Minute Goal Setting & Agreement of Expectations: How Important Are They In An Online Job?

 We all have heard or read about the awesome opportunity being enjoyed by many Filipinos who are now working from home in a legitimate online job.

While some Filipinos  still do not believe that being home based and working online is not possible, there are already countless Pinoys today who will prove to you that they are indeed working right from their own home office for international clients, some are freelancers and some are employed full-time.

This blog is for those who are still having a hard time understanding how it works and would like to apply in an online job.

Many skilled and qualified people who still don’t fully understand what tasks are being done in an online job can get answers from our website.

We try to answer some of the basic questions Filipinos have when it comes to working online, and most of them can already be found in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

However in this article, we shall focus on a vital strategy that is being used in business and also in online jobs and that is Agreement of Expectations and One Minute Goal Settings.

Not all employers emphasize or (sadly) not even aware of these strategies, so being knowledgeable about it will give you a good impression should you encounter an online employer who does apply this method for their applicants.

Or even better, you will be the one to suggest this concept to them to improve productivity! Now I don’t know about you, but that alone is a big thumbs up in your impression. Now let’s understand this in simple terms, here we go:

agreement goals


Agreement of Expectations and the One Minute Goal Settings Strategy: What Are They Exactly?

The first time I have heard about this concept was when I was listening to the audio book version of the One Minute Manager. I was just starting as a team leader in a small marketing firm where we do telemarketing campaigns.

I was leading a group of people and I had very little actual experience in managing and leadership, so wet in the ears, I listened to this awesome self-help audio book my friend gave me.

Now, technically, it is not called in the One Minute Manage book as “Agreement of Expectations”. The authors, Ken Blancard and Spencer Johnson, called it One Minute Goal Settings.

I won’t be writing the whole process and concept of it here, just an overview. If you are interested to read exactly how to it is applied, check out the slide below.

We have applied this similar management concept when I was in a leading insurance company and  we tweaked it a little bit and called it “Agreement of Expectations” which is what some businesses call it and can also be applied  in online jobs.

This concept is where both employer and employee know from the very start what they will expect from each other. They have a clear verbal and written expectation that will serve as a binding contract for the manager and the worker. This is best done with new employees is just starting.

Now as the employee is doing the actual work, One Minute Goal Settings is a supplement to make the regular tasks done more effectively.

There are certain online jobs that change every other week. You maybe doing writing tasks this week but next week, your employer may ask you to do some admin tasks or social media marketing work. Online businesses are always changing so if you want to apply in a home based job, you should be versatile.

One Minute Goal Settings are great for assessing the the task at hand for the week or day, simplifying it and making sure it is clear and achievable, then focus on it to reach that goal.

It can applied more effectively as “mini goals” to keep work on track, so productivity and effectiveness is maintained at a desirable level.

Again, I shall not be discussing in detail how it works in this article, but in summary, the One Minute Goal Setting strategy can be summarized in these phrases:

One Minute Goal Setting

An online job can be as demanding as regular job so you will need guidance and focus to be productive.

Putting it  in actual practice, we can sum it up to:

Agreement of Expectations:  Both employer and employee make it crystal clear, both verbal and in document, what is to be expected from each other at the onset of their professional relationship.

One Minute Goal Settings: Applied regularly throughout your work as an employee. It will serve as mini-goal reminders ie weekly or daily goals, to have a clear understanding of the goals that needs to be accomplished, be able to check performance, and see if your behavior matches your performance.

Utilizing these two management and productivity strategies has resulted in many great outcomes, even in an online business where employees work remotely through an online job.


The Problems Encountered Without These Strategies

Confusion and indifference can easily creep in the work place when both parties are not fully clear on what to expect from each other. Like any relationship, whether it is personal or professional, a clear line of communication needs to exist otherwise that relationship will eventually crumble.

problem with productivityAnd that line of communication needs to be clear right from the start, as it will serve as a strong foundation for your relationship with your employer and vice-versa. So how does it exactly work?

Based on the One Minute Goal concept taught in the One Minute Manager, we created a short from where applicants can fill up and there is also a copy that goes to the manager.

As the applicant, it simply outlines what is expected from you by the company or your employer. It also outlines what you can expect from your employer should you start working.

Assuming that you are already hired, normally you are given a job description. This outlines your work and your responsibilities. However, some companies are not utilizing this properly and often lead to misunderstanding later on.

Without a clear goal on the job, there are online job workers who can get irritate when their boss tells them:


“Have you done this particular task? Why hasn’t this report been sent to my desk already?”

You look up the ceiling, think, and say to yourself, “That is not my job! Why are they expecting too much from me?”


Now one of two instances can be tolerable, but again, without a clear line of communication, believe me this will not be an isolated incident.

This is where the concept of One Minute Goal Setting and Agreement of Expectations play a crucial and effective role. By laying down the cards on the table at the beginning, both you and your employer will have a clear understanding on what to expect from each other.

As an example, clearly stating how the employer wants to be contacted is important. Take for example a situation where the employer did not inform his Filipino outsourcer how and when he wants to be reached.

The new online worker encounters a problem and sends a chat to his employer via Skype.

Since the employer was not clear from the beginning how and when is wants to be contacted by his staff, the Filipino sends him messages in Skype when he is not available or in an important meeting.

The results are very unproductive as the employee waits for the response and the employer on the other hand gets irritated by what he sees as pesky employee who was simply doing what he “thought” he should do i.e. to contact his boss the moment he encounters a problem.

Clear Communication is the key to effectivity

As you can see, Agreement of Expectations are not only for actual tasks but it can also state the certain situations and even behavioral instances as well.

Your boss can clearly state that you can ask him any questions anytime just don’t expect him or her to reply instantly in some cases. Or they can clearly outline to you what they do not in terms of attitude and productivity, so you will not be surprised later on if they demand a certain level of work.

What’s The Take?

In summary, the purpose of this vital management approach is to edify the relationship of both employer and employee, especially in an online job where they will not see each other physically in an office but will only meet in the virtual space.

One Minute Goal Settings and Agreement of expectations are efficient tools and strategies that if adequately applied, can result if productivity and effectiveness in the work place and yes, even more so, in an online job.

agreeing parties

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Again, thanks for your visit and till our next blog post. Till then, good luck to you all, Pinoy online job seekers and as Uncle Zig would say, SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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