Popular Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms in the Philippines

Popular Online Jobs For Stay At Home Moms in the Philippines

Filipinos are known for being conservative.

The typical Filipino family would be a father working and the mother staying home and taking care of the kids.

Today, that is just not the case. Both husband and wife need to find a job or start a part time business to help support their children. With the economic situation in the Philippines today, the traditional family set up cannot always be followed all the time.

Today, moms need to find ways to add to the family income. In our area, I see some industrious house wives do some “delihensia” by cooking homemade desserts and taking orders from the neighbors.

Some put up a small stall in front of their house in the afternoon to sell some “merienda” which is the tagalog word for snacks usually eaten in the afternoon.

barbeque merienda

Some stay at home moms sell barbecues to make ends meet


Even if their husbands have regular jobs, they start their own part time business it to add to their family’s budget. But not all moms will want to cook snacks and take orders or sell barbecue sticks to neighbors for some extra money.

In fact, there are many women out there who had office jobs before they had children. Some even had a career but choose to be a stay home mom so they can raise their child properly than entrust their baby to a nanny.

So how can these skilled and educated stay at home moms earn extra income? The answer can be found in an online job.

Yes, an online job for stay at home mothers is no longer a just a dream. Through the power of the internet, a mother taking care of her child can now earn extra without having to leave home; and YES, forget about selling barbeques and desserts to earn extra on this one.

Now if you are thinking that an online job for Filipinos is just a scam, don’t jump into conclusions just yet.

Yes, there are scams out there but not all of them are. Here at Online Job Site Philippines, we connect Filipinos with real employers who can provide real online jobs, and yeah, even for stay at home moms.

As long as they have the right skills and education, they have a decent internet connection, a laptop or a desktop computer, a dedicated room where they can work quietly and focus on their tasks then they can apply and possibly get hired to take on a home based online job.

As you can imagine, working from home with children around can be unnerving, so if you are planning to work from home, you have to work out on that.

asian working from home with child

Working from home with the children around can be challenging but is definitely attainable


It will usually just take some simple changes in your house chores and schedule. You probably ask a relative to take care of your kid for a while (that is if you have one) so you can focus on your work or you can work at night when they are asleep. It really depends on you.

Yes, it’s that versatile. Not only can you work from your home, you can actually work at night as well. In fact, most employers will prefer that you follow their time zone, so prepare to work U.S. or UK business hours which is evening Philippine time.

Depending on what country your employer is based, you can check out their different time zones here.


What Online Jobs Are Available?

Here are some popular online jobs that stay at home moms can do. If you are a mom who loves her kids so much and you had to stop working, well you’re in luck because you can go back to work and earn even in dollars right from home.

Check out the list and see what fits your experience and skills:


English Article Writing

English Article Writing

If you have excellent writing skills, this is the perfect job for you. If you can research virtually any given topic and then write a 400 – 500 word article about it, then you can apply as an English article writer.

Now let’s be clear here. This job is NOT about typing an existing article.

It’s not about how fast you can type, that’s a data entry job. As an article writer, you have to write your own unique articles that tackle the topic you were given and it must read that you actually know what you are talking about.

While it is allowed that you do research and quote popular and related websites, there is an extent of what content you can curate.

Google is now taking duplicated content really seriously. Plagiarism is one of the nastiest sins a website can commit on the internet so if you were hired as a writer, you cannot copy paste other people’s work and submit it as your own original article.

Unique content is one of the keys for a website or blog to rank high in Google.

But not only does Google want to see unique articles posted regularly on a website, it wants relevant and quality articles that can provide good information to readers.


Article Writing Needs Creativity

Want to be an article writer? You need to get your creative juice flowing


Google can detect it by the number of social signals a website is getting. Don’t let the SEO jargon confuse you here, I’ll make it simple.

It simply means that if the article you have written and posted in your client’s website is good, people will naturally share it with their friends on Facebook or Twitter. This in return will send visitors to the website and Google will see it as a positive thing and give that website good rankings.

Well, I guess I am over simplifying it but since we are anticipating that many of you who will be reading this don’t have any SEO background, its best to make it simple.

Well written, entertaining, and informative articles add traffic to a website, attract more customers and make it rank higher in the search engines.

If you are a stay home mom who can research and write interesting and grammatically correct articles, then this could be the right online job for you.


Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting

Ok, so your English is good and you can write.

Thing is, you can’t (or do not have the patience) to write long 500 word articles. If you attempt to do it, you end up writing gibberish and the article ends up making no sense at all.

If writing long articles is an issue for you, then maybe you can apply for an online job doing blog commenting.

Now what exactly is blog commenting for? OK, prepare for some nerdy SEO jargon; but don’t worry, I’ll try to make it simple.

You probably already know what a blog is (since you are reading one right now) and you also probably know that in blogs, you can share you own comments.

If you find a blog interesting, you can share your comment about the subject; share a piece of what’s in your mind or worse, argue with the writer of the article you just read (yes, that happens too).


blog comments help in SEO

Blog comments are considered a strong foundation when doing SEO


Whether they are positive or negative comments, all of it helps the blog owner and those leaving comments as well, if they also have their own blog. It all has to do with how Google sees things on the internet.

If a blog has an article with lots of comments, Google can see it to be a good signal, that the blog is popular and sharing interesting articles that is why it’s encouraging people to leave comments.

On the other hand, the one leaving a comment get to post their website link in the comment box. If the comment is relevant and adds value to the post and conversation, the blog owner can approve the comment and along with it, the link back to the commentator’s blog or website.

This is why if you apply for an online job to do blog commenting, you still need to have good to excellent English skills as comments like “nice blog post” or “cool post” is unacceptable and is now treated as spam.

The comments that you need to write and post must be relevant and add value, otherwise, the blog owner will not approve it.

This is why employers hire Filipinos who are good in English in an online job where all they do is research blogs that are related to whatever website they are promoting, read one of their blog posts, and then leave an interesting comment.

You still need good writing skills here but unlike an article writer, you won’t need to write super long articles. I bet you haven’t seen a 400 word comment on a blog before, have you?


spammy blog comments

Overly short and uninteresting blog comments are considered SPAM


If you are a stay home mom and you want to apply for an online job to do blog commenting, just be sure you can write sensible, funny and entertaining comments after reading an article and you have basic research skills using search engines.

If you do, then this is another online job that you can do that give you some extra spending money to treat your kids out.


Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Now don’t get it wrong.

There are some advertisements we see all over Facebook saying that you can earn money just by sharing and posting on FB.

While in some cases this does work, this practice of tagging promotional pictures and sharing on other people timelines business offers without their consent is NOT social media marketing but social media spamming.

However, if you are the type of woman who loves sharing stuff with people, has basic to advance English skills, then you could be interested in a job in social media marketing.

Don’t be intimidated if the only social media background you have is that you have an active (or even overly active) Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. It’s a good start since you already have a feel on how social sites work.

If you fit the basic qualifications, then the employer who will hire you can send you some proper training materials on how you can do your task in relation to the existing marketing they are doing for a blog or a website.

If you see been a tagged with one of those spammy promotional pictures on Facebook, you already know how NOT TO DO social media marketing.

With the right training, you can avoid being also tagged with one of these Fernando Poe Jr meme as an obvious death threat. 😀

Don't Tag Me Again! - Fernando Poe Jr

Being a social media marketing specialist involves planning out an advertising campaign in social sites, getting more FB LINKS and ReTweets that can help a website’s ranking and get more traffic.

The job involves some background in sales and marketing as you may need to conceptualize marketing plans, strategies and concepts that are based on the training material your employer will send you.

Since the job is not that technical, stay at home moms with the right basic background, experience and qualifications can apply for this popular online job.


Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

Imagine being a secretary but not having to leave you house. Can you see yourself doing this job? Well, if you do, then maybe an online job as a virtual assistant is for you.

The idea is simple.

An employer needs someone to organize stuff for them. Their schedule, check their emails, appointments, and the likes. An internet marketer has a lot of tasks, maintaining a blog, checking analytic, customer emails, new subscribers, etc.

This can easily pile up; leaving the businessman tired and cramped with trivial tasks that are also important but takes a lot of their time to do.

To solve this, an employer can choose to hire an assistant or secretary so they can delegate tasks that are important in running their business but will be counterproductive should the owner himself do it.

Eventually, all these “to do’s” of the business person pile up and sooner or later, it can get out of hand.

busy entreprenuer

Virtual Assistants can help their employers lighten up the work load


An entrepreneur’s time is more productive if they spend time on planning out their business strategy, making new business contacts, and setting goals and leading the company. These are tasks that cannot be delegated, the only person fit to do this is the actual business owner.

This is where a virtual assistant comes in. Employers can delegate important tasks to their online assistant that they do not want to do or feel that they have more pressing matters to attend to.

Yes, it is just like being a secretary but the awesome thing about it is that you work completely online here in the Philippines.

Should an employer based in the U.S. decide to hire a secretary, they will have to pay that person the regular rate there which can be thousands of dollars.

If they hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines, they pay only a quarter of the salary they will have to shell out hiring locally.

This is why an online job as a virtual assistant is in demand right now; through the internet, Filipinos (in this case, Filipina stay at home moms) can apply as a virtual assistant and work from home, using their own desktop or laptop computer.

Skills that are expected from a virtual assistant is good to excellent English communication and writing, good research and planning skills, organized and self driven too. Basic knowledge in researching is also expected as employers may delegate some related tasks.

Virtual Secretary

Working online as virtual assistant is a great way to earn dollars from home


Bottom line is, if you can see yourself working in such a job, then by all means, do try and apply as a virtual assistant. Having no previous experience is not a problem, as long as you have the right motivation, attitude and perseverance to learn and be trained.


What’s The Take?

There are other online jobs available for stay at home Filipina moms, more technical jobs like website design and coding, SEO, Pay Per Click advertising, working as an affiliate marketing manager, and the likes.

However, these online jobs we have featured on today’s post are the most common, in demand, and do not require technical skills and education to qualify.

Take heed though, there are definitely some scams out there created to trick stay at home moms eager to earn extra, so be wary on what kind of online job you will apply for.

To give you a heads up how you can differentiate a REAL online job from a scam, check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page and watch a short video on “What Is An Online Job?”

As long as you can chat and speak good English so that you can communicate with your employer well and you have the aptitude to learn the training materials given to you, then you have a good chance of getting hired in a real online job for stay at home mothers where you can earn in dollars to add some extra cash to your monthly budget and can still be taking of your child.

stay at home mom

Being able to earn from home without leaving your child behind is pure happiness for  stay home moms 🙂


That’s it for now!

Thanks for spending some time reading our post! We hope you got some good ideas that can help you out when looking for the right online job. 🙂

Stay tuned for our next article all about tips and strategies for Filipinos looking to work online.

That’s it for now, as Zig Ziglar would say, see YOU at the top!


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