Why The Philippines Could Well Be The Next Outsourcing Capital for Online Jobs

Why The Philippines Could Well Be The Next Outsourcing Capital for Online Jobs

Job fairs. Almost every other day, we see one being published on the news or the local news paper.

Its goal is simple and straightforward; provide jobs to many unemployed Filipinos, whose numbers (if you haven’t noticed yet) is getting larger every day.

Currently, there are about 11.1 million Filipinos who are unemployed according the latest survey by the SWS (Social Weather Stations) on their March survey.

If we are to base the information from this data, this equates to a million more Pinoys who are jobless compared to their data last December where there were only 10.1 million Filipinos who are out of work. This is one of the reasons why job fairs are being initiated by the Government and NGOs, an effort to help applicants connect with employers.

Perhaps some of you reading this article have already tried to participate in one of these job fairs yourselves.


job fair in the Philippines1

Typical job fair in the Philippines (photo courtesy of CarmonaGov.net)


If you are reading this post and you are still looking for a job, we understand just how frustrating and difficult it could be to find a decent one here in our country.

This is exactly why most Pinoy professionals consider leaving the country in search for greener pastures. While some are lucky to be able to bring their families with them when they migrate to work outside the Philippines, not all are given that privilege.

Many OFW’s are working hard in a foreign land, forced to leave their families behind so they can give their kids a brighter future.

However, one industry is changing this and is currently providing decent jobs to many Filipinos without requiring them to leave the country and it’s the outsourcing industry in the Philippines.

Philippines Flag

The Philippines, The Next Outsourcing Capital?

Now, when some of us read the term “outsourcing” we often correlate it with China or India.

Heck, even the United States outsource many of their products to be manufactured in China and even British citizens have experienced some funny (or irritating) moments trying to figure out what an Indian customer service agent was saying when they were inquiring about their mobile phone bill.

Nevertheless, in the past few years, the Philippines has gained considerable fame when it comes to outsourcing, particularly in BPO (business process outsourcing) or what we commonly know as call centers.

In an article published by the New York Times as early as November of 2011, the Philippines has already been recognized as the new capital of call centers.

This industry is continually blooming and if everything continues to be as they are, we are projecting that outsourcing will be the next big industry in our country that will provide thousands of jobs for many Filipinos.


Outsourcing: The ‘New Rising Star’ Creating Jobs For Pinoys

Now check this out. Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs help the Philippine economy because of their dollar remittances and it represents about 14% of the country’s gross domestic product.

Also, many economic analysts are saying that due to the regular remittances of OFWs, it has greatly helped the Philippines in its economic growth, which in turn has upgraded our investment status from leading credit rating agencies such as Standard & Poors (S&P) and Fitch.

Yet with tensions brewing abroad, like the recent issues with Taiwan and the Philippines, more than 3,000 OFWs are facing to lose their jobs every month as Taiwan sanctions are imposed, freezing the hiring of Filipinos.

Taiwan tensions with the Philippines

Tensions between Taiwan and The Philippines could leave thousands of Pinoys jobless

With all the bad news going on, there still light at the end of the tunnel for many Filipinos who are hoping to find a decent job, even without having to leave the country and their families behind.

The good news comes from within the outsourcing industry, and no, it’s just from call centers. New jobs are being created from a rising star, it’s called online jobs.

Yes, you read that right. Online jobs for Filipinos who are working from home are gradually but surely making its mark and creating new jobs for many Filipinos; and its future looks very promising.

This “new rising star” is currently providing many jobs; and yet, believe it or not, it’s a great opportunity still being missed by many.

Now why is that?


Real Online Jobs for Filipinos: What’s It All About?

Majority of us Filipinos are used with the typical office job. Many still cannot fathom that one can work from home in a real and legitimate job and earn in dollars.

For some, it’s a fantasy and many dismiss an online job or a home based job as a complete sham.


Filipinos are used working in an office

Majority of Filipinos are trained to work in an office environment, making it hard for them to accept that home based jobs are real

What’s really depressing is that many of these “traditionalists” believe that this kind of work just won’t happen.

One can begin to wonder what cave these people have been living in that they cannot comprehend that we work for British or American employers through the power of the Internet that we work from home and get paid in dollars.

Online jobs are real, legit and it pays.

You just have to know where to look and how it works.

Now what’s really exciting is this; based on the trend we are seeing, we are projecting that online jobs maybe the next big thing after the call center boom.

Online Job Education: Where Does One Get It?

One of my online friends asked once, if online jobs is such a great source of income, if it’s such a great potential career as well, why is there no specific college degree for it?

Now there’s a fallacy of logic at its best right there; but let’s ride with it for a while, for the sake of argument.

As a matter of fact, there are many specific college courses that can land you an online job, anything that is related to computers and the internet.

Take for example those who are IT graduates, web developers, Internet professionals and whatnot.


doubtful about online jobs

While some are still doubting, many are already earning dollars in their online jobs


But when it comes to social media marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) or anything that is specific to internet marketing tasks that are normally what is done in an online job, we don’t see them as official college courses in the Philippines a few years back and even now; thus making it appear that those who are hired for this line of work only got their training from practical experience and some downloaded PDF guide.

It may seem to appear that the kind of work done in an online job is not a stable career at all like taking nursing, education, engineering or other typical college courses most Pinoy students want to take.


But that is changing.


Today, more Filipinos are becoming aware about this profession and colleges are creating specific courses designed to educate and empower students with the skills and knowledge they need to land a job. There are now courses for digital marketing where one can enroll and learn the specifics in an online job.

Now why are we emphasizing this? It’s simple; we are convinced online jobs will be much in demand in the coming years, even double than it is today and we’d like you to be part of it.

If you really study the trend, thanks to the technology we have today, working online from your home could well be the future job for many Pinoys where they can have International clients, earn in dollars without having to leave the country.

While we do not encourage our Filipino outsourcers to wear pajamas while working, hey, that’s one of the perks working from home, wouldn’t you agree?

If OFWs are seen as some of the biggest contributors of US dollars that is helping boost the Philippine economy, well folks, give it a few more years and outsourcers can be reeking in more dollars than what OFWs do and saving the government money in the process.


Many OFWs are being maltreated forcing them to go back to the Philippines and look for alternatives

Many OFWs are being maltreated forcing them to go back to the Philippines and look for alternatives


Think about it.


Can you even count how many of our countrymen had to be saved by the government because they were harassed, raped or maltreated by their employers?

That alone probably costs the government millions of pesos. That won’t happen to those working in an online job.

I guess the only harassing they can get from their employer, worst case scenario, would be online bullying.

We love OFWs and we respect their sacrifice for their loved ones, kudos to them, “mga bagong bayani”.

For those who do not want to leave their family behind and feel that being an OFW is not for them, then the answer may just be an online job powered by the outsourcing industry.


What’s The Take?

All the signs are leading up to one conclusion; outsourcing is here to stay in the Philippines.

And mostly likely, since the Philippines has taken the title from India as being the new call center capital, in a few more years and we can well be the “outsourcing capital”.

It’s very possible and very exciting indeed. If you are looking to understand and apply for an online job, you came to the right website.

Our kind of work is still in its infancy as many are still not fully aware of how online jobs work. Don’t fret, it’s totally fine. 🙂

When there was a tremendous demand for care givers about seven years ago, many were clueless what exactly a “caregiver” was supposed to do.

But since it was booming and in demand, many got into the bandwagon syndrome and took caregiver courses; and yeah, even doctors took caregiver courses as a ticket out and migrate to the U.S. or Canada. Read an article about this here

Filipino Caregivers

When there was a great demand for caregivers, many Filipinos enrolled in schools. (photo courtesy of inquirer.net)

Many of you reading this article may already have some idea what kind of work is done in an online job and you want to learn more.

There are many possible jobs you can do based on your skills and qualifications. From article writing, social media, being a virtual assistant, content marketing, video marketing, SEO, blogging, website design and programming, etc.

There are many jobs being created for Filipinos and if you want to be part of this growing and exciting industry, it’s the perfect time to come in. Strike while the iron is hot, as they say.  🙂


Online Jobs For Filipinos: Yes, You Can!

Yes, You Can



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