Great Online Jobs For Filipinos That Doesn’t Require You To Be Fluent In English

Great Online Jobs For Filipinos That Doesn’t Require You To Be Fluent In English

Mabuhay Online Job Seekers! What’s up yo? 

Its been an another exciting month for OJS Philippines, lots of things brewing and we are really excited because we have been partnering with many enthusiastic employers are just itching to provide jobs to talented and skilled Filipinos who want to work online and earn dollars from home.

In this blog post, we thought it would be cool if we share with you some insights based on some questions we keep getting from our subscribers.

If this is the first time you have visited our blog, you may have noticed a pop-out chat window were a nice looking guy or gal engages you in a chat and encourages you to ask questions.

For those of you who thought the girl you’re chatting with is cute and tried to ask her out on a date, sorry to bust your bubble but that is not a real human 🙂

It’s a smart agent programmed by us to answer any questions our visitors may have about our website, how to apply for an online job and other related stuff.

Online Job Site Virtual Agent

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Anyway, the messages you guys chat to our programmed (and cute) smart agent still arrives in our inbox though and we are still able to read them.

Some of the questions that keeps popping up in your message board are these:


“What kind of online job can I apply for that doesn’t require me to be fluent in English?”

“Can I apply for an online job even though I cannot talk like an American?”

“Do you accept applicants who are not very good in English?”


These are common inquires by Filipinos who are interested in applying for an online job here in the Philippines through our online job portal here. They want to try and apply for an online job but they know their capacity; some of them just aren’t good English talkers.

In an online job, since the work that we do belongs to the outsourcing industry, are sometimes associated with BPO or call centers. There are many call centers here in the Philippines simply because many Filipinos are just awesome in speaking in English.

One Filipina I personally know speak with an American accent so good that you wouldn’t believe you were talking to a Pinay if you were on a conversation with her over the phone. The only time you would be saying that this gal is Pinay is when you see her personally, with all her glorious brown skin and cute Filipina mug.

Compared to our Asian neighbors, hands down, we Filipinos are just awesome in speaking the  language.

Do You Speak English

However, not all Filipinos, no matter how talented and skilled they are, can speak with an All-American accent. And even if some do, they don’t want to apply in a call center simply because they don’t want a job that requires them to talk the whole working day (or I should say night, since call center agents work night shift).

Some are just not that fluent in speaking in English but they know that they have what it takes to apply and be hired in an online job. Indian outsourcers are hired because of their skills not because they speak good English. Think about that.


Online Jobs For Non English Talkers

So here are some online jobs that you can apply for that doesn’t and will not require you to talk like an American or even speak with a New York or New Jersey accent.


SEO & Other Internet Marketing Related Jobs

SEO (search engine optimization) is a technical field and there is not one training material that I have encountered, whether it’s in PDF format or video that is not in written in the English language.

For you to work in SEO, you need to have a good understanding of English BUT having this job will not require you to do any kind of inbound or outbound sales calls.So if you have a technical brain, love learning new stuff and enjoy doing internet marketing tasks but you are not that good in speaking in English, this is an online job you may want to consider.

Thinking SEO


Other internet marketing jobs that will not require you to be super good in speaking in English are backlink building, social media marketing, video marketing and the likes.

Remember, these jobs require you to be good in understanding English and expressing yourself in English through simple chat discussions with your employer or other team members for communication purposes or to engage with customers in Facebook or Twitter; so you need to type using good English grammar BUT (I cannot emphasize this enough) you will not be required to “speak” English fluently. Good news for many of you silent types out there, eh? 🙂


English Article Writing

This is an online job that there is no possible way that you can do if you do not posses excellent English skills. In fact, some people may actually forgive you for spitting our grammatical errors while you are talking; you can simply brush it off as a slip of the tongue. But when it comes to article writing, blog posting, blog commenting and the likes, you cannot make an excuse.

English articles that will be used for content marketing, article marketing and for blog posts MUST be strictly grammatically correct. So if you want to apply as an English article writer and you think you can handle it, then good news for you!

Writers are very much in demand and you can express your writing while earning right from your home.

I Want You To Write English


Again, English article writing is an awesome job that will require you to have outstanding English grammar skills BUT (again) will no way require you to be rambling the whole day, trying to sound like an American. Look, no offence and deep respect for those working in a call center.

That is a very challenging job and we acknowledge that. However, there are many Filipinos who are just marvelous when it comes to English but they just can’t speak it that well as others.

If you love to express yourself in English through writing and you feel talking is not for you, then working as an article writer could be the dream job you’re looking for.


Web Master And Word Press Programmers

Here’s another job that’s great for people with analytical skills but are not really fond of talking when doing their jobs. Web masters and programmers just want to sit in front of their computers, analyzing and thinking away on codes and whatnot.

Far from being anti-social people, programmers do like to interact with their friends online and offline. However, experience does tell me personally that these folks don’t like to talk a lot, especially when doing their jobs.

They are more productive focusing on their tasks at hand working silently or perhaps some music in the background, but talking – no way. While some claim that  they are not really anti-social people, spending some time with them over a cup of coffee while talking about non nerd topics can reveal that some of them indeed are (more than what they dare to admit) anti social nerds. Who cares. As long as they do an A-OK job, they will get hired and retained.

So a job talking to people is a real big turn off for these talented yet “buttoned-up” individuals.

I am NOT Anti Social - Can we be done Talking now?

I am NOT Anti Social – Can we be done Talking now?

While majority of those programmers and webmaster we know have excellent English skills, they don’t want to do a job where they will be required to talk all day long and maintain an accent.

For those working in call centers  kudos to you guys because your work is just awesome and challenging (high paying too). These people love their job because, they love talking to people. Believe me, you will NOT last a day working in a call center if you despise having to talk to other people.


So what’s the TAKE AWAY?

If you think you have what it takes in an online job but one of your weaknesses is not being fluent in speaking English, this article is good news for you.You Are Hired!

As long as you can understand and express yourself in English, using chat and short 1-2 hour voice Skype team talks with your employer or other team mates, then you do have a chance working in an online job.

Continuously adding knowledge and experience will help you get hired even if you cannot speak smoothly in English.

Employers would rather hire and retain someone who is skilled, hard working and has a winning and positive attitude even if he or she cannot speak English fluently.

That’s if for now guys! Thank you for checking out this article and we hope it has inspired some of you to take action and register for a chance to get hired and work in an online job.

Stay awesome guys, till our next post! Chow! 🙂


Did you like this article? Did it inspire you to apply for an online job even if you cannot speak fluently in English?

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