Two Great Reasons Why Many Filipinos Are Into Online Jobs Today

Two Great Reasons Why Many Filipinos Are Into Online Jobs Today

Hi there online job seekers, thanks for checking out our latest post!

Firsts things first, we would like to thank everyone who attended our last live online job orientation webinar. If you want to check out the reply, you can see it here.

Those who participated had a chance to listen in and understood what an online job is and how they can start working online. We decided to write this post because of the overwhelming reply we had from attendees and from our subscribers who are sincerely interested to have an online job.

In this post, we’d like share with you two key insights on exactly why we believe that many Filipinos are now interested in online jobs. Actually, if the trend does continue, it is likely that many Filipinos in the next few years will be evolving in their online job and turning it into an actual career.

Here are two of the best reasons we have heard so far why online jobs is becoming very attractive for many Filipinos. Read on and see if you can relate:

Family Matters – Now I don’t have to expound why this reason alone could be one of the biggest factors many Filipinos are interested to learn about online jobs and apply for one. We all know just how intact we Filipinos are when it comes to our family. Americans leave home at a young age1 220x300

While in the US, 18 year old kids are start preparing to leave the house, get a job and live by themselves, here in the Philippines, married couples want to buy their new home near their parents and relatives so they can stay close to each other.

This is precisely why OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) are called “Mga Bagong Bayani” or new heroes because these bread winners choose to leave their families behind so they can work in another country so they can provide for them.

This is especially hard for those who have new born children since they will be missing their growing years and one can just imagine how hard it could be to be far away from the ones you care about.

An online job will be able to provide skilled and competent Filipinos a decent job where they can earn dollars without having to leave the Philippines and their families behind. Employers from the UK or USA are looking for skilled Filipinos who can work from home and provide virtually the same kind of service they will get if they will hire someone locally, at a much affordable rate.

This is one good reason why online jobs are becoming really popular among Filipinos. Think about it, being able to earn dollars without having to leave your family while you work from home. Heck, some people I know get to do their laundry. cook their kid’s lunch and play with their kids, all those household stuff  because they work completely online.

You don’t have to be superman to see that this can be awesome, if you want to be near your family that is. Doing Laundry While Working Online

There are many single people working in an online job and they love it.

However, it would be safe to assume that those who already have kids will be the ones who will be able to fully appreciate a chance to earn dollars without having to say tearful goodbyes at the airport.

Natural English Skills – We Filipinos are just great in English. Although some may argue that many Filipinos today stink in English, compared to other Asian neighbors, we actually excel in the language.

I mean, even street vendors use English phrases when trying to sell their foodstuff, even how funny (or disgusting) some may read or sound, the effort is there.  This shows that many Filipinos, if not all, have a natural skill in English speaking and writing; or maybe not, like this guy’s food cart in the picture selling his “fishballs” LOL.

Filipino vendor selling street food using English

There are Filipinos like me who didn’t really go to a formal school to learn my English. When I was young, my cousins from the United States would go home and we would hang out.

Naturally, I was forced to talk to them in English so I naturally formed an accent and was speaking like a native English speaker. When I was a kid, this skill often got me the attention of friends and other relatives since I have a New Jersey accent.

They would just be amused that I can talk fluently, much more write good English, but that was just about it. There was just no money in writing money in writing before

You may have good English and you like to write essays and perhaps planning to write your own novel someday but never really see it to be a profitable career.

Back then, there was simply no money in writing. Those who really earn in writing are professional reporters and journalists.

But now, you can actually earn money, dollars even, using your English writing skills. Internet marketing success relies on websites that has fresh, interesting and unique English articles, so employers want to hire Filipino writers because their English is just as good as local writers from their country and they don’t have to pay them the local rate. While this is good for employers, Filipinos are not necessarily at the losing end. Filipinos writers are paid in dollars and their salary is above average than most office jobs in Manila.

Also, a hired writer working in an online job can work from home and is not required to report in an office; you can imagine the money you will be able to save on transportation costs alone. save money on transportation when working online

If you know that you have good English writing skills, then you may want to consider an online job where your skill will actually earn you real money and not just a pat on that back and the traditional “TY” from your friend who asked you to write his love letter for him.

The online job industry is still in its infancy in the Philippines and it is projected to create many more jobs for Filipinos. If you want to earn in dollars without having to leave your family behind, you should definitely consider an online job.


online job checklist


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or  you need to have a computer related college degree to learn this job. As long as you have the basic skill set and equipment, you have chance. Let’s see a short check list. Ask yourself:

1. Is your English is good?

2. Can you can follow instructions and learn training materials sent to you on your own?

3. Do you have your own desktop or laptop computer and you know how to use it?

4. Do you have a stable Internet connection and you know how to browse or surf the web?

5.  You have a winning attitude to be successful?

There are other factors, like your age, current status, etc – but those are on a case to case basis. These requirements are the basics, and if checked YES to all of them, then you’re pretty much good to go. 🙂

That’s it for now, thanks for checking this article out. We hope this article has inspired and help you out in your goal of having an online job.


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