Zig Ziglar’s Inspiring Quote for Online Job Success Part 2

Zig Ziglar’s Inspiring Quote for Online Job Success Part 2

Aloha Online Job Seekers!

It’s another year ahead of us and exciting things are brewing here with the team of Online Job Site Philippines. We have been busy with a lot of things; fixing the site up for you guys, making sure you will be getting the best experience here in our website in relation to your goal of finding the right online job.

In our last post, we have shared with you some tips on how to become a successful outsourcer and retain your online job inspired by some of Zig Ziglar’s famous quotes. To continue our tribute to the late Uncle Zig, today’s post will still be about one of his all time inspiring quotes and how it will help anyone who wants to be successful in their careers, particularly in an online job.

So strap on those virtual seatbelts and let’s dive into Zig Ziglar’s world through his quotes. Let’s see the world through his eyes and you’ll discover why his way of thinking, his attitude embedded in his famous words made him the successful person he was known to be. Here we go! 🙂 Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the late Uncle Zig:

You can have everything you want zig ziglar1

Laws of the business world are guided by a balance between receiving and giving. Selflessness is great if you are into charity or the likes; but in reality, there is no free lunch in the corporate world. Now what do I mean by this?

To make it simple, every person out there, whether they are employers or employees, we all have the typical mindset of “What’s in it for me?” and we can observe this anywhere we go.

In a business transaction or a job interview taking place, both parties are asking these type questions “What’s in it for us if we go through with this deal?” “What can we benefit from this business deal?” “What will I get if I accept this job offer?” “What will I get in return if I hire this Filipino VA?”

This is absolutely normal; being concerned of what you will be getting in return for something that you will give, is the natural law of the universe. As a potential online job candidate, this is exactly the same line of reasoning you may be thinking of right now. The first time you saw our website offering real online jobs, some of you may already be asking these kinds of questions:

“What benefits will I get if I apply for an online job?”

“How will I get paid if I apply for an online job?”

“How much is the salary I will get if I apply for an online job?”

If you notice, this “typical” line of questions are very self-centered and are always dwelling on the end personal benefit; what “I will get”. Now if this is you, don’t worry because it’s absolutely normal. This kind of thinking is hard-wired in each and every one of us; always thinking about what’s in it for us, always thinking about our own personal welfare.

The problem arises when some people go over and beyond what is normal. It’s OK to think of what you will get in an online job, but some people are always thinking about their own benefit and never seriously or genuinely considering the real needs of their online employers and how they can help them.

Some candidates are always thinking about when they can get their salary or when they can get their bonus or raise. Much of their mental energy is bent thinking about what “they can get from their employer” rather than thinking of how they can help their employer in their business.

self-centered attitudeThis attitude of being overly self-centered and egocentricity is the complete opposite of selflessness and is a BIG NO-NO if you want to be successful in your online career.

A very good example I can give you is with a recent experience we had with one candidate, which I will not mention the name here. We were having our regular team talks, getting our minds into how we can improve the Online Job Site Philippines website. Majority of the questions that filled the conversation is about how to improve our service and our work.

One candidate, who seldom participates in any brain storming at all, suddenly just sent an email, and to our surprise, while we were juicing our brains thinking of ways how we can improve our work, here comes this candidate, out of the blue, asking when she can receive her 13th month pay.

I was personally turned off by that, but at the back of my mind, I still tried to understand her situation. Perhaps she has a family emergency and needs cash, who knows. But what was striking to me was her lack of interest in participating and getting her heart and mind into the team and how to improve the company. Her only concern was, when she will get her bonus. Sounds familiar? I don’t know about you, but that sure sounds like this pesky cat always wanting for more milk.

Give ME more!

Again, we all have different situations. In a way, we still understand her but if it wasn’t an emergency, then that will show that she has a negative attitude of always thinking about 90% of her benefits and just 10% of the business or company.

The lesson we can learn from Zig Ziglar’s quote is this; in your online job, stop thinking always about “YOU” and what the company can do for “YOU”. Start thinking what “YOU” can do for your employer or company instead AND the benefits and your success will follow.

Uncle Zig says “You can have everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

This is very true in an online job.

Remember, your employer is human as well. Even though you are in the Philippines and your employer maybe hundreds of miles away in the UK or somewhere in the United States, the very basic essence of integrity and professionalism is very real and present in an Internet based job. You will be working with a REAL human employer and quite possibly, other Filipino workmates as well, working in their own home office like yourself in a different location in the Philippines.

Since employers are real people too, they are asking themselves what they will get if they will hire and retain you. Show your employer that you have a mindset that is different from the typical, selfish crowd they normally encounter.

Instead of thinking, “How can I ask for another raise?”

Think “What can I do to help my employer’s business succeed?”

Instead of “How can I cheat hours with this employer so I can work somewhere else?”

Think “How can I help this person who gave me a job?”

While it may sound a bit corny for some, this is the essence of true success. Honesty and loyalty once practiced even in the business world will reward you fully, no doubt about it. It’s the law of attraction and the law of what you sow is what you reap. If you sow kindness and honestly with your employer, thinking of ways how to help them get what they want, then YOUR own success will inevitably come.

Now don’t get us wrong, there are some “naughty” employers out there who do not recognize the effort of their employees and will not reward their online staff even if their employees are doing their best. In our experience here in Online Job Site, those types of employers comprise a very small number. They usually do not stay too long in business, those who treat their outsourcers like trash. Bad employers will not stay in business

The law of attraction will take care of that. If they keep on doing that, the really good employees will leave them and they will eventually “attract” the same kind of people in their business that share the same selfish mindset they have, and this will ultimately ruin them in the end.

So what’s the take?

In an online job, you will not be dealing with robots. A real human being will hire you, either from the USA or from the UK and evaluate your work. Show them that you are different from the typical kind of people who are not trust worthy and are overly self-centered. Again, don’t get us wrong. Thinking about yourself and wanting to know what you will get personally if you apply and get hired in an online job is normal; just do not over do it because that is considered as selfish and self-seeking and can hinder your long term success.

Once you see that you are hired by a good employer and you see yourself retaining a solid and reliable career in an online job, then by all means, follow uncle Zig’s timeless advice:

You can have everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want.

Show this positive attitude and there is no doubt in my mind, you will prove for yourself how true these words of wisdom are in your personal and professional life and success will come to you as natural as the sunlight enters your windows in the morning when you open them. 🙂Happiness and success comes from helping other people

That’s it for now, thanks for reading! Good luck and see YOU at our next post!

Did you like this article? Was it helpful? Did it inspire you to do your best in your online job and become the star outsourcer that you are?

How about the idea of not being self-centered in your online job? Do you think it makes sense? Do you agree that this kind of attitude will bring you success? Share us your comments, you are welcome to join in the conversation.

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