To A More Prosperous 2013

To A More Prosperous 2013

Happy New Year to YOU!

So 2012 has been and gone. For some of us it was fantastic. For some of us it was less so.

I sincerely hope that for you, 2013 will be a more prosperous and happy year than last year, whatever last year brought you.

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Now take a moment and reflect. What worked? What failed? What limped?

Personally I think that the ‘limps’ are worse than the fails. If something fails outright, you know where you stand (or fell).

But with a limping lack of success which isn’t quite a full fail, it is a really difficult decision whether there is something to improve on or if it can be salvaged at all.

So let us know what was your best experience of 2012, what was the least successful – and what limped along for for you?

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