Zig Ziglar’s Inspiring Quotes for Online Job Success!

Zig Ziglar’s Inspiring Quotes for Online Job Success!

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Two weeks ago, we were greeted with the sad news of the passing of one of the world’s renowned motivational author and speaker Zig Ziglar. He passed away last November 28, 2012 at the age of 86 leaving us with a rich collection of books and videos all about motivation and how to have a winning attitude.

zig ziglarIn remembrance of Zig, we decided to write a post about some of his famous quotes that have helped many professionals reach their full potential This is still in connection with our series of posts regarding having the right attitude when working online, here comes another post to add more value to your reading.

For those who don’t know much about who Zig Ziglar is, this is an enlightening post that will shed light to this man’s colorful life through his inspirational quotes. Many have associated Zig with sales training and how to close high end sales transactions, so some of you may think that his quotes may have not much importance for those who are seeking to work from home in an online job.

On the contrary, his quotes can be used by virtually anyone who wants to improve their personal and professional lives. Online jobs are very much the same in most office jobs; there are great perks and rewards but there are challenges and stress-filled scenarios as well.

Here are some of the most inspiring quotes from uncle Zig Ziglar (I love to call him that ) and how you can use them in your quest to find your dream online job and be awesome in it.


“A goal properly set is halfway reached.”  – Zig Ziglar

One of the most difficult things that an outsourcer has to go through is to discipline oneself in doing some tasks. Since an online job is home based, there will be lots of temptations and distractions lying around the house. One effective way to solve this is to set goals.

There are long term goals and short term goals, and once you know how to do this as an outsourcer, Zig Ziglar tell us  that if a goal is properly set, it is already done half way. Most employers will want to hire someone who already has background on how to do personal goal setting. This is not normally taught in schools and is mostly found in business training and seminars.

In your online job, you can set daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals. It is even advised that an outsourcer make hourly goals too. Since our work entails us to stay in front of the computer for long hours, that kind of work can lead to burn out.

One way to save yourself from being over worked is set a goal for yourself of working straight for one hour and avoid all distraction as possible. After one hour of straight work, you can take a few minutes break and relax yourself. Setting short term goals and making it a habit will help you improve and set higher goals for yourself.

Try this, set a short term goal of working straight for one hour. Then, reward yourself with a 2 minute or even a 5 minute break. Most candidates can distracted when they take a break as they claim that they “lose momentum” in the current task they are doing. But not having regular breaks can be devastating as well, as it will lead to a burned out outsourcer.

After one hour of work, you can still relax yourself without sacrificing the momentum of having to stand up and doing something else. Try this website, DoNothingFor2Minutes.com where you are encourage to stop whatever you are doing and just close your eyes in front of your computer while the website plays the sound of sea waves hitting the shore. While this is an artificial way to enjoy the ocean, many online job workers find it helpful. After two minutes of just sitting there and doing nothing while listening to the sound of the ocean and imagining your relaxing on the beach, you can feel more relaxed and have more focused when you go back in doing your task.

Effective goal setting will make you more productive in your online job and you will feel less stressed. There is one free program that you can use to train yourself in setting goals and accomplishing them. If you don’t have much training on how to set goals and just important it is in your professional life, check out Dr Stephen Covey’s site.

You can create a free account and in there, you can create goals and milestones for yourself. Its free and with cool videos guiding you along the way, you can easily get used to the idea of goal setting. You can set up your account so that their system will remind you of your goals, whether you are reaching them or not. It’s an awesome free service that will help you build the habit of setting goals. Goal setting, a truly great skill that will get you hired in an online job.


“A lot of people quit looking for work as soon as they find a job.” – Zig Ziglar

In one of Zig’s inspirational talks about having a winning attitude, he tells a story about some men working for a Railroad Company. One day while taking a break, an expensive looking car parked right in front their main office.

One of the older employees still working on the railroad casually approached the car as a well-dressed man emerged from the inside and they waved at each other. After saying a few hellos, the two men parted ways and they looked like they were the best of friends.

When the railroad man came back to the group, the other men were amazed of how come he knew someone who looked like a very important man.

One of them asked, “Who was that gentleman you talked to riding the fancy car? Looked like you two go way back. You best friends?”

“Why, yes! Sure I know him! that was Jim Murphy!” answered the veteran railroad employee. “He is the owner of this mighty damn nice railroad company you’re are working for!”

“Really now!? How come you know Jim Murphy the owner of this railroad company and it looks like you’re the best of buddies?”  Asked another fellow obviously surprised.

“Jim and I started working together in this railroad company the very same day many years ago.” answered the old man.

Taken aback with the revelation that that fancy looking fellow who now owns the railroad actually started as an ordinary railroad employee, someone asked the obvious question. “How come Jim Murphy there now owns this railroad company when you both started the same day and you are still an ordinary employee up to now?!”

“Well son, you see, when we started working, I worked for $3.50 an hour.” He said with a gloomy voice.

“Jim Murphy on the other hand, he worked for the railroad”

The lesson here, most online job seekers are very eager to get hired and find a job where they can work from home and still earn dollars. But the moment they are hired and they are going about their daily tasks, a lot of things go through their minds, and often many lose focus.

Zig Ziglar says “A lot of people quit looking for work as soon as they find a job”  also apply in online jobs. There are candidates who become too complacent and lose the burning desire and motivation they have in the beginning and they become less and less effective. They count the hours and just wanted to end their day so they can do what they want elsewhere. They begin to hate their job and work just for the hours they spend and not really put their heart into it.

While some candidates may retain their online jobs doing this kind of mediocre service, if they do not change the way they think, employers may seek more dedicated employees who has the passion and drive, not just to do “clicking jobs” but really put their minds and their hearts to the success of whatever company is hiring them.

In the story of Jim Murphy told by Zig Ziglar, a valuable lesson can be learned. The reason he was so successful and later on became the very owner of the railroad he was just working for, it’s because he didn’t work just for the money. He worked “for the railroad”. He treated the railroad as if it was his own. He took ownership and had a mindset of stewardship.

These are the kinds of candidates who will be very successful in their online job. Those who take charge of their online jobs and treat it like the company who hired them is their own company. They are genuinely concerned about the success of their employers that they are willing to share the challenges, the pain and offer their skills and knowledge over and beyond what is expected of them. Because they have a mindset of ownership, they treat their jobs not like those government 9-5 employees who are consistently looking at their watches, wishing it was the end of the day so they can go home and goof off.

Yes, an online job is a job. But if you treat your online job like a career, you worked as if you owned the business and contributed effectively to the growth of the company, no employer in their right mind, will fail to notice that. They will see your effort and will love you for it! And when that happens, prepare for awesome things heading your way!

Remember the story of Zig Ziglar when you are already working in an online job, the poor man worked for $3.50 an hour. Jim Murphy worked for the railroad. That is the difference, learn from that lesson. 🙂


“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing –

that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

 . . . . . to be continued in our next post . . .  🙂

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