The Story of Captain B: How Can His Blunder Help You?

The Story of Captain B: How Can His Blunder Help You?


“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi

Hey there online job seekers, Jordan again here with some online job tips I think you’ll find interesting.

For today’s post, I’d like to share a short story I wrote this week based on a funny joke I learned way back when I was a kid and how I was able to connect it with some of my latest experiences when it comes to coaching people in online marketing and training them for an online job for Filipinos.

Even though it’s based on a joke, there is a valuable lesson to be learned from it when it comes to finding a stable home based job and building a solid career online. So if you are serious about finding an online job, I highly recommend you read it.

I thought I’d share this story with all of you because of the recent experiences I’ve had with some online job seekers who are emailing us and asking how they can apply for an online job.

My goal for sharing this story is to give you an “upgrade” on this all too common inquiry “how can I apply for an online job” that I get in my inbox all the time.

The way it is typically asked to me (I assume)  is because of a certain mindset that some Filipinos often have. Thinking in ‘short terms’ rather than ‘long terms’; this is what I mean.

Think about it. Instead of asking, “How do I apply for an online job?”

Wouldn’t it be better if an applicant were to ask, “How do I apply for an online job AND how can I retain it?”

 See the different kind of thinking at work here?

This is why I thought of writing this little anecdote to share an important lesson in professionalism and online work. As I was searching for an image that could accurately portray this short story of mine, I found a rather interesting picture that basically tells the whole idea; so we’ll give our story its title based on the dude in this picture.

So without further ado, let’s read  . . . .


captain backwards

A Short Story of Captain Backwards

A swimmer was given a chance to join a famous competition. Although he was not really a very good swimmer, one of his friends was the organizer of the competition and he was a star swimmer.  Since they were friends he said, “Hey why not join in? If you need anything, any help at all, then just talk to me and I’ll do what I can do to help you out.

“But I don’t swim that good yet” said the amateur swimmer. “I may not even make it to 4th place!”

“Have confidence in yourself” said his star swimmer friend. “Besides, I am here to help you out. I’ll teach you what I know, train you until the competition day. With the techniques I know, there is no doubt in my mind, you will have a chance. If not first place coz you’re new, but I know that you’ll have a fighting chance!”

The newbie swimmer agreed and trained with his expert friend. The trainer did what he can, encouraging him and leading him on. He went an extra mile to guide his friend, and at the beginning, he was a willing student but the doubt in his mind that he cannot do it was still there within him.

Deep inside him, he still didn’t believe in himself, but since they are already training anyway, he just continued.

The big day of the swimming competition has arrived and everyone was ready and excited. The expert trainer was too, as he knew his friend will have a chance because he saw he had the potential and taught him good techniques that will guarantee he will at least make 2nd or 3rd place, if not 1st; not bad for a newbie swimmer.

Now the swimmers were all prepared besides the pool, then ready, set BANG! The race is on! The newbie swimmer did good at the start, he followed his friend’s tips so he gained an extra advantage over other swimmers because of it. Then came the first lap, and he was fine. Then another, still doing great! He was actually swimming great because of the training he got!

At the very last lap, the newbie swimmer was still doing very good. But something happened. He heard other people watching the competition “booing him”. Some people said, “Boo, you can’t make it!” “Loser! You think you can make it? No way!”

This greatly disturbed the newbie swimmer, then came his negative thoughts about himself that was still dwelling inside him and that affected his swimming. But little did he knew, he was actually in first place! But because he paid more attention to those “other negative voices” he gradually declined in his performance, he was now losing!

Since his trainer friend was seeing what was happening from afar, he shouted “Hey, what’s happening to you?! Why are you slowing down? You are doing just fine! Actually, you are doing great! Go for it! Don’t slow down!”

But the newbie swimmer didn’t listen to his friend’s voice. He decided the “other voices” were right all along. He was a failure. Who was he fooling? He was a loser, why should he even try?

So instead of pushing through the last lap, he suddenly started SWIMMING IN THE OTHER DIRECTION! This shocked everyone, especially his friend who trained him.

“Hey, what are you doing?” said his trainer friend in desperation to convince him otherwise, “Just a few more strokes and you are in the finish line! Why are you swimming in the other direction?!”

The newbie, negative thinking swimmer shouted back, “Nah, forget about! I’m tired already so I’m just going back. I’m a loser anyway!”


Now, stop right there. After reading this, just for 5 seconds think and ask yourself, 

“Do I know any Captain Backwards in my life?”

A lot of you will instantly say YES!

Pathetic isn’t it? Just when he was already going to win, just when he was about to be successful,  HE GAVE UP.

I know some of you would have gladly knocked Captain Backward’s head to wake him up. Don’t worry; you’ll get your chance. Because there is a high probability that you already know a few “Captain Backwards” in your life. Truth is, you may just be a Captain Backwards yourself, you don’t just want to admit it yet.

But seriously, if you made it to this part of the article and had the patience to read this story because you are serious in learning something that can possibly change your professional life, then it’s already a good sign.

Or maybe you read this short story just out of curiosity. That’s for you to answer. But what I do suggest is that you don’t take the lesson you have learned from Captain Backwards for granted.

As you all know, as the editor-in-chief here at Online Job Site Philippines, I don’t just write funny quotes in our fanpage. I also create instructional materials and do actual training and coaching for online job applicants.

With almost 7 years of experience in coaching and training people in sales and marketing, I have probably encountered every kind of attitude out there when it comes to work. And I can tell you frankly, in the professional world, it’s just not your skills or education that will get you places, it’s your attitude as well.

If you have that negative attitude and mindset of not finishing what you’ve started, then this story represents you.

If you have that ‘way of thinking’ that you cannot make it, then that is precisely what’s going to happen to you!

Your attitude, the way you think, the way you see yourself and the world around you has a BIG impact on your professional and even personal life.

Believe it or not, having the brains and skills isn’t enough for you to be successful in an online job and for your employer to love you. Employers don’t need a Captain Backwards in their team. They need someone who has a positive mindset who will push through challenges and obstacles.

An online job is not a walk in the park folks and if you think you are a Captain Backwards to begin with, then that attitude has to be kicked outside the front door of your subconscious immediately.

“But how do I do that? If I am like this, then there is nothing I can do to change it. Right”

WRONG! There is way to change it and that will be the topic of our next blog post.

Our goal here in Online Job Site Philippines is to help you find the right online job and for you to RETAIN it for the long term so it won’t just be “another job”, it can be a career as well. 🙂

And if you plan to do that, your mindset will play a crucial role and we’d like to help you with that as well. Subscribe to our blog using our RSS feed so you can get updated in our next article about how to detox your brain and become a highly effective online job candidate.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading! Speak with you soon in our next blog post.


“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.”  – Larry Bird


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